Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m not even in a hurry

I love traffic analogies. There is so much going on in road traffic, so many parallels to the world around us, so many things to think about. So here’s another one.

When you are driving towards a green light and the guy in front of you is going just a little bit slow, it can be very irritating. You urge him on under your breath, you try to get a little closer to send him the message to speed up, you might even honk or shout.

You get caught up in the moment and your irritation feeds on itself – until, sometimes, you realize: you’re not even in a hurry….

So what if the light turns red and you have to wait for it to go green again ? what exactly are you planning to do with those extra sixty seconds of your life that is so important ?

It happens though. As in traffic, so in life. Sometimes it is good to remember that I’m not even in a hurry. I’m just locked down in a moment that is not worth the nervous energy I’m spending on it.

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