Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Reading Glasses


I recently got reading glasses.

And I am now convinced that they are the best invention since the wheel.

My eyesight is not that far gone mind you. Indeed the fist eye doctor I went to convinced me that I should delay wearing glasses for as long as I can. He said he didn’t wear his either – which probably explains why he couldn’t see that I needed a pair.

In any case, a couple of months of headaches and squinting later, I finally got myself a pair.

What a difference.

For something as simple as a piece of glass, they sure pack a punch. No moving parts, no electronics, no Steve Jobs magic incantations, no touch panels or super-duper-gizmos – just a couple of pieces of glass – and your world looks better again.

They’re really the perfect invention – they do not artificially amplify or transform anything, do not have a light source, do not make things louder thru electronic wizardry. They don’t contain any revelations of their own. Indeed their whole point is that you should not even notice that you have them on.

Their mission in life is to help you see what is already there – and that is often the hardest thing to see.

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