Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breaking Blackberry Addiction

I’ve recently started using the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) – the HD7, and I must say I’m mightily impressed.

As a long term Blackberry user, I’ve also suddenly realized how far back Blackberry has fallen compared to modern smartphones. I had resisted the iPhones, and Androids, and others of this ilk in the mistaken belief that nobody does Email better than Blackberry, and that a physical keyboard is the last word in usability.

After just a few days of use on the HD7 however, I find that none of these statements is true.

Outlook integration on the HD7 device works like a dream: contacts, calendar, mails everything updates as smoothly and quickly as you would expect it to. And the interfaces are miles ahead of what Blackberry has on offer. The Email view, for example, is elegant, functional and easy to navigate, and of course the bigger screen size means I don’t have to tradeoff between squinting with a small font and scrolling endlessly with a large font. I can now read my mails much more comfortably.

And then there is the keyboard. I’ve always thought that glass keyboards would simply not work and the QWERTY is the end-all for data input. But here’s the thing: glass keyboards have gotten much much better, accurate, and forgiving, and the fact of the matter is that even with the qwerty I never did send off more than a few lines at a time from the Blackberry – for longer mails I’ve always ended up pulling out the laptop anyway.

And the keyboard is just the beginning. There is something about a touch interface that makes you feel in control, it is much more satisfying to swipe, pinch, and zoom your way through your inbox than to use the physical buttons.

When it comes to the browser of course, there is absolutely no comparison. The HD7 has the browser and the screen size that actually makes it worthwhile to browse on a mobile device without constantly struggling. Finally I can stop pretending that the Blackberry browser is good enough – it’s not.

RIM is a smart company, so I’m sure they’d be hard at work to regain the initiative. But with each new smart phone in the market the bar is set just a little bit higher. It’s going to be an interesting battle to watch.


  1. great to introduce yourself to luxury of handsets :)...wrote some articles on smart phones and their apps..leaving links below....wait till you try android OS...i am using a Motorola Milestone touch screen..Android OS with physical QWERTY...and is a beautiful machine...Nokia is dying a fast death by saying no to Android and windows OS....iPhone will be taken over by android very soon...and BB will have a similar fate to Nokia..Android is much morepowerful over Windows due to its large Market place.

  2. what is new today will be history tomorrow.
    Smart object now will be outsmart tomorrow. Before that phone was published there is already a new phone waiting for publicity. Adding another feature, enhancing this and that. I prefer the basic one. What ever the enhancement made there are some feature I don't usually use. And it is just a bulk on my phone memory.
    Gadgets and invention overwhelm me. But it doesn't mean i hunger for them. I always find basic ones easy to use no matter how addictive is the new ones. Bless you