Friday, December 03, 2010

Pure Rambling……

A blinking cursor. A blank screen. And my fingers itching to write.

I have not formulated my thoughts yet, not sure what exactly it is that I want to express, but I know I need to write – the urge is almost overpowering.

There is a half-formed idea in my head, something about the possibilities of letting the mind wander away from its beaten path, something about the liberating freedom of not having an exact target, the freedom of not knowing exactly where you are headed, but being comfortable about getting there anyway.

The need to define things in everyday life cannot be avoided. But when it starts to encroach on every thought it can be trouble. Ambiguity is not always the enemy. There are always possibilities, sometimes exactly where we want them; sometimes on the periphery of where we’re looking.

Peripheral vision is useful. Unfocus, move away, let go….and wait.

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