Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Martian in the Meeting

Imagine if you will a Martian coming to earth for the first time (I know, this is a tired opening, but humor me).

He visits a field first and looks at farmers tilling the land and harvesting crops in some areas; and he goes aha! so this is how they make food which they need to make life possible.

He visits a factory and looks at workers producing cars, furniture, electronics and much more. Aha! he goes again, these people are making stuff that they use to make life comfortable.

He visits an art gallery next and looks a paintings and sculptures, listens to people making music and again he’s impressed.Aha! so this is what they do to make life bearable.

He then enters a meeting room.

And he witnesses a bunch of people sitting around a table. One of them is standing and pointing at some numbers on a wall; the others are staring, transfixed, at the wall. Some are surreptitiously looking at small devices in their hands, a few are almost asleep.

This must be a very special ritual, the Martian thinks. These people have been in this room all day, they must be producing something very vital to life indeed. So he sits there and he waits, and he waits – and then he waits some more. And suddenly everyone gets up and leaves.

“But what did they make ? what did they produce ? what did they do which helps life on earth ?” He wonders …… he’s not alone!

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  1. Let the Martian attend those kind of meetings again, and again, and again... and... he'll get used to it.