Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time Travel

I’m not much of a classical music expert, but I’ve been listening to a quite a bit of the classics lately (Beethoven, Vivaldi, and so on).

Vivaldi died in 1741.

Beethoven died in 1827.

As I listen to their compositions, I cannot help but think of how they must have felt when they were writing them. Sometime over 200 years ago, someone must have sat down in a room somewhere, been inspired by something, and started to express himself in music.

And 200 hundred years later, as I feel the power of his music, I can almost imagine him, imagine what he must have felt as he wrote it. It is a slice of time that is preserved and gets passed on unchanged from century to century even as the world changes around it.

The power of instant communication which we enjoy thru the internet is one thing. But the power of art to time travel is perhaps even more fascinating.

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