Saturday, May 07, 2011

About Discovery & Creation

Discovery & Creation are related. One often leads to the other, and often the two take turns: A discovery leads to an invention, which enables more discoveries.

But in some ways they are very different, even opposites.

Creation requires closing out the world. You don’t want to be influenced by anything out there. It needs your mind to be a clean sheet of paper on which you can create something original, to close the door and think. 

Discovery requires opening up to the world. Forcing your mind to go beyond it’s usual biases, it’s usual boundaries.It needs you to open up to new ideas, meet new people, go to new places, read new books, absorb and experience.

Each is hard in its way. Which is why we often spend most of the time somewhere in the middle: neither contemplating the environment with an open mind and a spirit of discovery, nor quite clearing it enough to try and create something completely new and original.

Discovery & Creation. Both are hard work.

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