Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear 40-Something..

Remember when we were growing up ?

Remember how when we started to notice society around us and all that was wrong in our country ? A lot of us would say: “Why didn’t our elders do something to fix it ? How could they let it happen ?”

Well. Dear 40-Something: you are the elders now.

Today. This moment. This is our time. This is where we have the wisdom, the experience, the resources, and while we still have some energy. This is our time to make a difference, to start fixing things, to not let the status quo stand.

Stop looking at the next generation, they’re still too young. Stop blaming the previous generation, their race is run.

We’re it.

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about what can you do today to leave a better society for the next generation. Start getting ready for the day when they will ask you:“why didn’t you do something ? How could you let this happen ?”

What will you tell them ?





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