Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leave it to the imagination

No photographs, no videos can evoke the past quite like a long forgotten song suddenly heard again.

Which is quite strange. The videos and the pictures are a more detailed, a more accurate record of the past. But a song makes up in emotional connect what it lacks in detail. Indeed a song has a much stronger connect precisely because it lacks detail. It reminds you of a long forgotten time just enough to stir a memory, but lets your mind and your heart fill in the rest of the detail; imagination takes over, conjuring an image in your mind far richer than any photograph can.

It’s the same story as ever. Things which you create yourself are more satisfying than those you simply consume.

A picture is like restaurant food – served on a perfect dish in immaculate decor. A stirred memory slowing percolating into your consciousness is like a cup of coffee prepared lovingly and sipped slowing on your favorite sofa.

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