Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“There is nothing which Fortune does not dare”

As the quotes in the title indicate, this is not my line. Rather it is from a rather delightful article titled : “The pleasures of pessimism”  that I found at a Frog Design blog.

Here’s the first paragraph from the article, though I’d encourage to read the whole thing:

“It has been clear for a while that what we have to fear, above all, is hope. Attempts to trust that the worst is over and to stop frightening ourselves seem doomed to propel us into yet worse disappointment. We are not only unhappy, but also— believing calm and happiness to be the norm—unhappy that we’re unhappy.”

I specially like the last line. Being unhappy is bad enough, being unhappy that we’re unhappy is absolutely the pits !

Seriously though, I’ve come across this logic before and it merits some serious thought. Over-optimism can be as bad as over pessimism. If you always think the good times are just around the corner you’re setting yourself for a lot of disappointment in life.

Stuff happens. Life is like that. And accepting that the world is not perfect can be a pretty liberating experience. While it might not be possible to be actually happy about being unhappy, one can at least be not unhappy about being unhappy !!



PS: I sort of wrote about something similar here and here.

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  1. Hamza1:05 PM

    I once asked one of my teachers at LUMS, Farzad Rafi Khan, on why should we believe in Religion and God when you have children dying in Somalia and Terrorists bombing the living life out of our country etc. In return he smiled and said, "Why Hamza, because life is meant to be a test and believing that it is anything but, is just plain silly"....After that believing in religion and God was so much easier :)