Thursday, August 11, 2011

Of trees, and the simple life

I’ve often thought that trees are the smartest living things on earth.

Think about it. They stay in one place all their lives, and everything that they need simply comes to them – water, sun, and nutrients from soil. And many of them live contentedly in one place for decades – even as people rush around them just trying to survive.

How do they do it ?

Well for one thing they live simple lives. Sure their ‘food’ arrives at their doorstep, but they’re also not choosy. They don’t demand fine cuisine, they take what is available – and thrive.

They’re also generous. While they demand little, they give a lot; they bear fruit, give shade, their bark is put to many uses, many have leaves with healing powers, even their branches are burned for warmth.

They are not competitive. When one tree is watered first, the other one doesn’t sulk and brood – just waits patiently for what fate will bring to it.

They’re grounded – literally. Their deep roots let them face all manner of gales and storms. They don’t run away, but stand their ground.

They adapt. When fall comes, they shed their leaves to conserve energy and survive, sure in the knowledge that times will change, that spring will roll around again - and that the leaves will be back.

Really, it makes you wonder why people cannot be more like trees sometimes.



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