Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Babies

Having a baby in the house again is reminding me of all the wonderful things about my first two.

Babies make you smile a lot more.

Babies are infinitely watchable – you can watch them for hours and not get bored, and you don’t even need a remote.

If you are sitting idle you look lazy and someone will hand you a chore. But if you are holding a baby you can sit idle as long as you like.

Babies simplify choices. If a baby is crying you drop everything and pick them up – no second thoughts, no hesitations.

Babies make you remember things you thought you had forgotten.

Babies are an excellent excuse to sing, dance, hop, make faces, and generally do all the stupid things you sometimes want to do but feel silly doing otherwise.

Babies don’t hold grudges. Crying one minute, they will give you a big smile the next minute (they have a quick recovery).

Babies look so peaceful when sleeping – they make you believe in fairies and gnomes and angels.

Babies are people magnets, they bring everyone closer.

1 comment:

  1. And they remind us so much of how we should REALLY live instead of all the pseudo lives we are going through =)