Saturday, September 10, 2011

About Crying

The latest addition to our family is little Amal; and at six weeks old she has the entire house under control.

Her method is simple. Whenever she needs something, she cries. Immediate results follow, the entire household comes running around to pick up, change, feed, or entertain as necessary.

We've all experienced the power of crying when we were babies. But at some point we grow out of it. We might still cry but it only earns us scorn, and and impatient “oh grow up !”.

And yet as we grow older we tend to relapse. Not actually crying perhaps but just wailing about the world and expecting the world to come running around and help us, with predictable disappointment and self pity when this fails to happen.

This is perhaps the biggest lesson of growing up. To make things happen you have to do more than just cry, but the learned behavior of our childhood is so strong that it can take years to grow out of it.

So repeat after me: Crying is for babies only.

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