Saturday, November 19, 2011

The curious case of the land with everything

Once upon a time there was a land with everything.

There were flowing rivers and open plains, lovely mountains and wonderful beaches. There was gold and silver, and the fields were filled with the most amazing assortment of fruits and flowers. There were people with easy laughter, big hearts, and bigger smiles.

But then a sad thing happened; the people of the land started closing their eyes.

They were still surrounded by beauty but they could no longer see it. They were still in the midst of splendor but they could no longer feel it. The rivers still flowed, the flowers still bloomed, the rain was still musical, but no one paid any attention. Fear started closing in on them, and they started to become isolated and miserable.

And they started turning on each other - each suspicious of the other. Their hearts – once so mighty and generous – started to close. Hate started to replace love.

People started leaving the land. They were trying to find a place that looked like the beauty they had once lived in. They travelled everywhere, looked far and wide, asked everyone. They were desperate to be happy, willing to go anywhere, wanting to try anything.They would trade their lives, abandon their homes, and mortgage their futures. But they would not open their eyes.


……until one day, tired and depressed, one of them decided to return to his land for one last look.

As he opened his eyes he was amazed. Everything he had ever desired was right there – exactly the way he remembered it. It dawned on him that his land still had everything, he’d simply become so caught up in the vicious circle of hate, cynicism, and fear that he had been blinded. The land had never changed – the people had changed when they started closing their eyes.

And then another one opened his eyes. And another, and another…….

and the land was beautiful again.


The End. (and hopefully also the beginning).


  1. Good post but you might want to correct the last line "And *then another one."

  2. Thanks. And thanks, fixed.