Sunday, December 18, 2011

About aging

Aging is a bit like the revolution of the earth aroud the sun.

We know it is happening - the earth orbits the sun at 107,218 km/h - but we don't feel it moving. As far is we are concerned, the earth is absolutely still. But the effects of the earth's motion become apparent as the weather changes.

And so it is with aging. You don't feel like you are aging from day to day. Indeed I could almost pretend that it is not happening at all. But sooner or later, its effects start appearing. The memory starts to fade, the eyesight starts to go and some white hairs start to make their inevitable appearance.

But while the earth will complete its circuit around the sun and return to where it started off a year ago, aging is a one way street.

I wish I could draw some deep philosophical meaning from this - but I cannot. Except that life happens, whether we like it to or not. We might speed up, slow down, sit back and observe it, or rush ahead to meet it, but life will keep on moving forward at a constant pace.

So lighten up and enjoy the ride !

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