Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Apps to amuse babies

Trying to calm down a crying baby ? There's an App for that !

Here are three Android apps which I've personally tested with my 5 month old:

Android Rattle Toy:

This is the all time favorite. I've tried it with a really cranky baby-mood and it almost always puts the brakes on the crying. It's a rattle with many different themes. Each of these has delightfully different graphics and sounds. This means as soon as the baby is bored with one you can quickly shift to the next.

Shake the phone, move it upside down, or touch the phone to play sounds and move the on-screen graphics.


The App is quite baby-proof as all buttons are disabled except the home button. Which means you let your baby touch the screen and make the sounds herself. 

As the name promises,this comes with built-in tunes to play. From Twinkle twinkle to the itsy bitsy spider. Plus it has a set of rattle toys, so you can shake the phone to sound a rattle, while a rhyme plays out in the background.

The only downside of this one is that there is is an ad at the bottom of the screen so the app is not as baby-proof as could be. The chances of accidentally touching the screen ad and going out of the application are higher. So this is more for holding yourself and amusing the baby by showing her the screen and rattling away for all you're worth.

This one is a simple piano as the name implies. It has a play mode as you would expect, but it also has a mode in which you can set it to play some rythmes. In this mode, the correct notes will play for a rhyme whichever piano key you press. Or you choose auto-play and the rhyme will play out. 

It has a special baby-mode in which most phone buttons are disabled, so you can put it in front of the baby and let her touch the screen and delight in making sounds.

There are a tone of baby-apps on the Android market, but these three are officially baby-tested by my 5-month old !

PS: Make sure your phone is drool-proof before setting it in front of your baby. Mine has survived about a ton of drool and one helping of thrown-up milk so far, so use with care ! On the whole it is safer to hold the phone yourself in front of the baby rather than putting it down in front of her.

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