Thursday, January 19, 2012

I like being a Pakistani because…

…we’re the energizer bunny of countries – we just keep going

…we produce cricket wizards like a magician produces rabbits from a hat

…we keep things interesting – we walk right up to the edge of the precipice before we recover

…we’re just cool

…we have the most entertaining politicians in the world – they’re not much at governing, but at least we’re never bored

…we have this amazing ability to keep functional with only a few hours of electricity and gas

…we can be small-minded in everyday life, but we’re still amazingly generous: Edhi trust, hospitals, schools, all running on collective big heartedness

…we have mangoes in summer and kinnos in winter

…did I mention we have amazing cricket talent ? just ask the Brits – they’ll tell you !

…we’re not so sure where we’re going but we sure as heck are having fun while we get there

…hmmm, what else….?

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  1. Wazahat Ali11:08 AM

    our food prices may have touched the max, yet we are big time eaters!