Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small luxuries

Sunday mornings, tea, soulful music, bliss, and the desire to write. Somethings just go well together.

It is not possible to sustain perfection, but it is possible to achieve it in small measures, in confined spaces. Small miracles.

The beauty of small miracles is that they are so much more likely to return.

The big, miraculous moment that you work towards all your life might be unimaginably blissful, but once you've lived it, it's done. It's like Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon. It must have been an amazing experience, but he never lived it again. The rest of his life must consist in large measures about the memory of that experience and perhaps a desire to experience it again.

But if you think of a quite Sunday morning as a small miracle you're content in the knowledge that you can enjoy not just this one, but that you also have many more lined up. That's true luxury.

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