Saturday, March 31, 2012

Books babies should write..

If babies could write books, I'm sure these titles would show up:

"How to keep your parents on their toes"

"An in-depth look into the life of the itsy bitsy spider"

"The art of crying - it's all in the lungs"

"Why shoes are actually meant for eating - scientific proof"

"Why walking is overrated - what are grownups for ?"

"Scientific breakthrough - waking up once every hour found to be good for health"

"All cereals are not the same - connoisseur guide for the discerning baby"

"A baby's life - it's not all milk and cookies"

"Why I hate diapers - the diary of a brave baby"

"iPads were invented for babies - tips on breaking it gently to your parents"


  1. Lolol. Spot on Mr. Ahmed... This is hilarious because it is soooo true!

  2. Every book will be the Best Seller :-)