Saturday, May 12, 2012

LUMS was the best investment I ever made

Investing money, time, and effort is always a tricky business.

Stocks ? Real estate ? Gold ? mutual fund ? bonds ? The choices are endless, and unfortunately they all share the common trait of being uncertain. Recessions, depressions, inflation, bank failures, and stock market crashes are always lurking just around the corner.

Which is why the time and money I invested in getting myself an MBA from LUMS was the best investment decision of my life.

It was by no means an easy decision. I was employed at the time and so apart from the course fee itself, there was the prospect of living without my pay-check for two years, specially when I was newly married and our first baby was on the way.

As things turned out, I received a scholarship so the financial burden was lightened. But the carefully planned budget I had prepared to make my savings last for two years of being unemployed while at school went haywire within months. We had to cut some serious corners and at times it was a squeeze.

Looking back now, those two years have proven to be the defining years of my life. The financial part of the investment paid off many times over, and the time and effort part of the investment put my on a trajectory which led me to where I find myself today. The ability to absorb vast quantities of information quickly, the mental discipline of analyzing issues logically, the sheer physical ability to withstand pressure - all of these are returns on my investment which continue to pay back to this day.

And of course, this investment was, and is, recession-proof. It doesn't keep me up at night wondering whether the markets will go up or down; it doesn't disappear over-night because of any bank failure, it doesn't erode in value due to inflation.

As investments go, the two years of my life at LUMS have provided rather phenomenal returns.

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