Friday, June 08, 2012

Love, or something like it

[Caution: Self-indulgent blog.]

The longer you live, the more you realize how life is both bigger and smaller than you always thought.

Things that looked like the very purpose of existence 10 years ago fade into nothingness, and things on the periphery of your conscious start becoming the focus of your life.

Material gains have a curious habit of seeming less desirable as you accumulate them. I'm not suggesting that I'd be naive enough to wish them away. I know perfectly well that a reversal of fortune would make their importance painfully clear very quickly indeed. But they still appear to have lesser significance with time. You start to realize that such accumulation is almost too easy - or too subject to fortune; and what is easy to gain is always going to be relatively easy to lose.

Take, on the other hand, love. The more you accumulate it (if indeed love can be 'accumulated') the more significant it appears to be. Because there is no luck involved here. Love requires hard work. It requires investment of the one thing that cannot be grown by compounded interest: time. And unlike material gains where you tend to start getting satiated after a while, there seems to be no limit to how much love you can accumulate - or at least I have not reached that limit yet.

I know this sounds a bit cheesy and melodramatic - so let's replace love with passion. Passion is a word that has crossed-over the barrier from lovey-dovey to being respectable. So it is perfectly OK to be passionate about your work for instance.

So whether it is love, or something like it, it is probably what's going to win out in the end.

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