Saturday, July 07, 2012

Thank goodness for the arts

I look over the numbers in front of me for the umpteenth time. My eyes are glazing over, my head is tired and distracted.

Once again I force myself to focus on the job at hand.....and finally I'm done.

I'm note quite sure what I've achieved in the big-scheme-of-things kind of way, but I'm done.

Still distracted, I turn on the radio and the airwaves churn out a melodious number. At first I'm indifferent about what's happening. Something is trying to register, but it is not quite there yet. Slowly though, it penetratates the mists of confusion and makes itself known to me. It's a good feeling. I let myself float away to the melody.

This is much better.

I'm not sure if the singer behind this piece of music ever felt that he was done, but he ceratinly achieved something in the big-scheme-of-things way. He created something which can transport people into a more calming world.

And I think to myself, thank goodness for art - or science would have killed us all by now.