Tuesday, August 14, 2012

About Pakistan, Noise, and Patience

Patient love.

Thsese are the word that comes to mind when I think of Pakistan these days. It's the kind of love Pakistan demands.

You try to be patriotic, you know you owe so much to this country, you know this is the only place in the world where you have a birth right to live, where no act of parliament can make you an alien, you realize that it is a (relatively) young country and will surely mature with age.

And yet.

You turn on the TV, and you hear about the latest incident in Karachi or Quetta or somewhere else; you hear the inane platitudes of another set of so called leaders; you face the power outages; you see the people on the streets - protesting and yet apparently directionless. You hear the noise on the so called talk shows. And your heart starts to sink.


That's another word that relates well to what we face. Noisy government, noisier opposition, quarrelsome talk show hosts, shouting celebrities. Everyone seems desperate to be the loudest to be heard, and yet all they are doing is adding to the cacophony. When did shouting become a socially desirable skill ?

And so you have to force yourself to rise about the noise. To look past the smokescreen of the so called leaders, look to the people who actually live here, who have a stake in the future of this country, the more than 180 million people who actually are Pakistan.

Surely, among this 180 million people strong nation we must have good, sincere people who can rise above the noise - with humility, and grace, and honesty. I don't know how long it would take such people to step forward and be counted. But I wait. Patiently.

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  1. I always strongly felt that ‘we’ (people around us, mostly in literate circles, professionals) as Pakistani's are misrepresented in other worlds. However over the years looking at the ‘masses’ it was quite painful, to realize that perhaps ‘we’ are a minority and do not count much. The public at large, are the real us. But then this thought comforts me that, our ancestors though not literate enough, back then (1947), toiled to make such a conscious choice, and based on the premise that ‘present’ is just a continuation of the ‘past’ then we will hopefully get back on track one day!