Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I read history

When life makes little or no sense, when you get tired of going round in endless circles leading back to the same things over and over again, it's easy to conclude that the world is a just a crazy place.

That's when it is good to read history.

To read how the human race has been struggling with these questions since forever, how far we've come, how much more we understand now than we ever did before. It's good to know that we're neither alone nor unique to these doubts - we're just the next installment in the series of minds tasked with taking things forward. We will almost certainly not find the answers we seek, but by just thinking about them we'll take the collective thought process forward. We're not supposed to solve the puzzle - just wonder about it; like millions and millions of others. 

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  1. Hamza1:12 AM

    Agreed....or one simply takes a one year sabbatical and re-learns stuff that one tends to forget in the rut of being in a crazy place all the time....

    Perhaps reading history is more economical!