Saturday, January 05, 2013

Living with the Macbook Air

I reported on my first impressions of the Macbook Air about a month ago.

After living with the machine for a month, I have to say I'm even more impressed.

First off, the sheer portability of this thing means I'm using it in more places, and sitting in much more comfortable positions. It fits just about anywhere and in any situation. The light weight also means that I don't mind carrying it around in travel bags, After using this for a while, my regular work machine seems to weigh a ton in comparison.

The quick start-up / sleep cycle which I mentioned in my last post continues to be a delight. I guess it's the combination of having an SSD and some OSX optimisation  but whatever it is, it is absolutely refreshing to just pick up your laptop, open the lid and get to work near instantaneously. I could never go back from this. I have a one and a half year old who is mostly around when I work in the living room, and every now and then she comes around and asks me to shut down the laptop (literally !). I just shut down the lid, and a minute later as she gets absorbed in something else I'm back up without missing a beat.

The build is very solid indeed. The keyboard is responsive, the screen is ultra-sharp and the whole thing just feels great.

Performance is excellent. Practically all apps startup in seconds and perform without a hiccup. I'm spending a lot of time in Xcode, and while I'm dong very simple projects at the moment as I learn objective C and Cocoa, build time is practically zero for such projects.

All in all, a great machine. While some things about the OSX still irritate me, the overall experience more than makes up. Its truly a joy to use.

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