Friday, January 11, 2013

The internet redeems itself

A while back I wrote a post about how the internet had taken all the fun out of going to the music store and stumbling across some long lost piece of music. With YouTube, Google, and the like the thrill of discovery was gone. No longer did you have to spend long hours searching through piles of CDs in some shop looking for the one song which you almost remembered the lyrics to but not quite.

But lately I've decided to forgive the internet.

For while it has ruined the thrill of re-discovering lost music, it has added a new element of serendipity to my music listening which I appreciate.

A typical flow is catching a bit of music on radio or in a shop which I like the sound of. Using SoundHound to identify the music and then downloading it from the net to give it a better listen. If I really like it, I will use the SoundHound 'similar artist' feature to discover tracks which I might like. And finally, based on my search history, the app starts recommending songs I might like.

I've definitely stumbled upon more music this way than I was going to any other way.

So, dear Internet: you have redeemed yourself. While you have made it less exciting to rediscover the past - you have made it much more exciting to explore the future.

Thank you.

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