Saturday, February 02, 2013

Running (some) Windows Apps on Mac

Moving to the Mac has been a good experience so far, but there are some Windows apps that I've used for so long they have become second nature.

So I set about looking at my options. The obvious ones are Bootcamp and Parallels, but both of them require you to actually install Windows on your Mac. This requires an original copy of Windows, which is expensive, and also is overkill for what I need for now.

So I turned to Wine Bottler (No this has nothing to do with any beverages in spite of the name !). Wine is basically a Win32 emulation for the Mac, which means you don't have to install Windows at all to run Windows Apps.

Of course it will not run everything - you really need a full blown Windows install for that. But it does run some of my favourites.

So, for instance, I'm running Irfanview on the Mac right now without any issues. I'm also able to run my own programs like jsi Sudoku which wrote for Windows on the Mac.

Best of all, it's free. Nice.

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