Saturday, March 23, 2013

Confessions of a born cynic

I'm a born cynic. I love irony. I'm the one who can bring out the doubt in the brightest of arguments and tear down the most well constructed positions.

I have to admit that I rather enjoy myself too.

Over the years though I'm come to the realisation that cynicism, while a lot of fun, is not very original; nor very hard or brave.

What is harder, I've found for myself at least, is to be a believer. To have doubts about something, but to believe in it and support it anyway. It's harder because I don't get to say 'told you so' when things go south. To be comfortable with the prospect of being wrong; deciding to go on a bit of an intellectual limb. That takes courage.

It's a recurring theme: hate is easy, love is hard; rude is easy, polite is hard

Sometimes it's good to do the hard thing.

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