Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Parallel universes

Up in the morning.

Brush, change, shower.


Drive to work. Thinking about the day ahead, thinking about the tens of things that need to be done. The deadlines, the targets, the meetings, the emails. I'm the centre of my own self made universe. The familiarity of my own routine is reassuring. It feels natural, inevitable even. Important.

Then I stop at a red light and look sideways and defocus from my thoughts for an instant. I see a couple of guys standing at the edge of the road and I wonder: what are they thinking about ? what's their day going to be like ?

Their universe, so completely different from mine, so completely unknowable for me, is just as vitally important to them.

I look around some more and there are tens of people around me. Walking, driving, talking. All with a sense of purpose, all earnest, all with plans in their heads. Plans completely removed from my own. None of them cares about my meetings, or my emails. Their universes will function fine without me. Indeed the entire universe will function just fine with or without me.

Suddenly I feel a bit less important. And it's a great feeling !

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