Saturday, April 20, 2013

The the rule of law

There is a lot of talk of justice and rule of law around the airwaves these days and that is excellent to hear.

But have you noticed that rule of law is something that everyone wants to apply to the other person? We all like to talk about justice and equality and fairplay, but just wait till we get a traffic challan and most of us will immediately go into overdrive to find a way to settle, it or evade it.

It seems to me that the majority of us here in Pakistan seem to treat rules and laws not so much as a norm to be followed, but as a sort of challenge.

We relish in finding ways around it, we delight in finding loopholes and shortcuts. Stories of jumping queues, cutting off at the traffic light, finding someone on the inside, and greasing the wheels are told and retold as proud conquests rather than apologetic necessities.

We should not be too surprised by what goes on in the corridors of power because people get governed by what they deserve. Except in an absolute monarchy, the government is a reflection of society. 

It seem to me that we spend far too much time pulling down others, and far too little time doing some serious soul searching.

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