Monday, May 06, 2013

10 Headlines I'd like to see (but probably won't in my lifetime...unless I do)

  1. "_______ concedes elections - congratulates winner"
  2. "Google opens new groundbreaking research facility in Pakistan"
  3. "Complete ban imposed on traffic blocks for VIP movement"
  4. "90% literacy achieved in Pakistan"
  5. "Rupee strengthens against dollar on positive economic outlook"
  6. "Manufacturing jobs shifting to Pakistan - new China?"
  7. "Pakistan exports excess power to neighbouring countries"
  8. "Fortune 500 companies lineup to hire graduates from Pakistani campuses"
  9. "Expat Pakistanis return home in search of jobs in booming Pakistan"
  10. "Dell & HP shifting all laptop manufacturing to Pakistan"

or will I ?  -  hope springs eternal.

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