Friday, June 14, 2013

10 things I miss from the eighties

  1. New issues of Commodore 64 magazines and afternoons spent coding
  2. Long summer afternoons at the British Council library at Melody market
  3. Trading-in old Reader's Digest issues to buy new ones from the old book shops
  4. Peace
  5. A near deserted Islamabad with a small-town feel
  6. Porcupine quills on the Daman-e-koh trail
  7. Uninterrupted Electricity
  8. Visits to computer shops to buy new software on 5.25 inch disks
  9. Waiting all week to try and watch the late night english movie on Saturday on PTV - in black & white
  10. Nazia & Zoheb Hassan's, Vital signs, Alamgir

Somedays I feel like I'm done with the 21st century. Can we go back now please ?

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