Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When everyone's a critic

The web has turned everyone into a critic. Review sites, discussion boards, feedback forums, social media, the list of places where you can vent is endless - and many of us feel the irresistible urge to seize the opportunity.

Here's the thing though. As soon as you start a critique on the web, you are also putting yourself out there - subject to critique on your initial critique. And because we all want to be seen as wise and analytical and logical, this often makes the critiques somewhat...well...self conscious. Rather than a true reaction to something as online feedback is meant to be, it risks becoming a carefully crafted piece of self-projection.

Therefore, just a caution.

Before you get into your formal analytical mode, do take a minute to register your first emotion. Remember that the question you are trying to answer is not whether the list of pros is longer than the list of cons, but quite simply: did you like it ?

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