Monday, August 26, 2013

Parallel Universes

If you believe in parallel universes, then somewhere out there another person who looks like you is possibly doing something different.

But there are alternate universes that exist in this world. Alternate lives that could have been, alternate paths we could have taken. The past is always frozen as a single stream but the future has so many paths and we continuously choose and leave them as we go.

I can think of several paths I could have taken, so many things I could have done differently. Not that I have any regrets, but it is interesting to contemplate what my daily routine could have been in an alternate life. Will it have shaped simply my daily routine or also my ideas ? or even my convictions ? Would I have been a different person altogether if I had taken a different turn 15 or 20 years ago ?

Idle thoughts of course, and highly pointless since they can never be known. But fascinating nevertheless.

I can think of some things which probably would be the same whichever path I took - my love of technology has survived enough twists and turns that I think it is ingrained. Other things I can imagine being different because they were shaped so much by daily routines.

It is a good test perhaps - a good thought experiment. To arrive at things which really define me and things I've merely picked along the way on a whim.

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