Sunday, September 29, 2013

Could it be ?

Could it be that we have things the wrong way around ?

We like to think that we humans are creative; that we create music, and art, and invent things; that we have original ideas. Could it be that the ideas already exist ? have always existed ? Could it be that we don't create any songs, the songs simply find us ?

Imagine a world in which all ideas exist, but need to be realised. So they search for implementors -  people who look likely to take them on. When they find the right person, they simply latch on and keep pushing till they are realised.

It is a flight of fancy of course, but sometimes when I'm writing it is almost believable. It feels like I'm not writing but merely transcribing. The ideas are already there and they come pouring in - urging me to realise them. And they are very persistent too, these ideas. I've had ideas stuck in my head for years until I finally give in and act them out.

It is of course simply a mental construct - it wouldn't change anything even if it were so. But the world appears to us as we choose to perceive it, and thinking in terms of an idea-first universe can lead to some startlingly interesting realisations.

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