Thursday, October 17, 2013

In memory of a friend

How do you reconcile with the sudden, tragic death of a friend. How do you do it when the loss extends not just to the friend but to the flowers in his garden, to those he held dear and priceless. How do you do it when it is so shockingly sudden and twisted that it defies belief, and challenges your entire view of the universe.

I just can't get his smiling face out of my head. Always smiling, always warm.

How does the world move on when such tragedies occur? I know they happen every day to thousands around the world. But when it hits close to home, it hits hard. It is as if everything familiar and safe is turned upside down.

And what of the perpetrators of the tragedy? How can a deed such as this fail to leave its mark on those who perpetrate it? How can it stand ?

Why ?

Surely a world capable of sustaining such tragedies has no business moving on. Surely a society where this makes news for no more than a day and is then lost among other headlines is in the need of some deep soul searching.

And yet the talking heads on TV shows prattle on about the future of some public figure or the other, rambling on about useless, trivial, petty matters. Do they feel any guilt, any remorse, any sense of failure at the pass that things have come to ? Or have we descended so low that all shame is lost ?

In the final analysis, I have only one belief to hang on to. That karma will catch up to everyone.

While the great pity of our society is our singular failure in providing justice, surely this is luring the elements of evil into deeper quagmire. Lulled as they are by their apparent freedom to act with impunity, they're sinking lower and lower into the pits of their own making.

Karma will catch up with them - of that I'm sure.

As for my friend and the flowers in his garden, they will live on in our hearts. Tragedy removed them from among us, but nothing will take away their presence from our memories.

In my mind's eye they are still smiling and that's how I will always remember them.

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