Friday, November 29, 2013

Random madness

Remind me if I've said this before, but there are days when you feel that life is absolutely bollocks, and that you have to be a complete mad hatter to have anything to do with it.

But then again, what's the alternative.

It is interesting how we don't have any real alternative to life. There is death of course but that's a bit too final; not really a life choice is it? I mean we could have had a situation where we could vegetate for a few years, just tune out and let the world go by, sort of like a pause button. And then we would resume where we left off.

Hmm, what else could there be ? We could move to a restricted life where we think but don't act, or perhaps the other way round. So that life is more like a menu where you can pick up which bits to take and bits to leave out. Although, I have to say, looking at some lives, the acting-without-thinking bit is actually done quite often, so maybe this choice does exist. The consequences of course are often catastrophic.

That's the other thing that could be nice, the ability to choose which things have consequences and which don't. Again, we're stuck in a world where everything has a consequence. Why does it have to be ? Why am I so important that whatever I do has to have a consequence. I mean why the assumption that I am wise enough to make good choices, why can't I opt out ? Couldn't there be an option where you say: I choose to be dumb, I admit to having negative IQ and I hereby opt out of all consequences, just let me bounce around on a day to day basis? 

Ah well, if wishes were horses, or something...

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