Thursday, November 28, 2013

Testing the new iPad Air

I'd held out on buying an iPad so far,but with the new model I decided to take a plunge. 

My hope is that with the new, lighter weight I'd be comfortable enough to get real work done on the device. So I'm testing it out by writing this blog on it. In landscape mode, and with the split keyboard, I can type at a pretty reasonable pace. The light weight helps here as I'm holding it in my hands but it doesn't seem tiring. The keyboard is quite forgiving, fixing most small typos as I type. I still wish it had swiftkey on here, but it's not bad, not bad at all. With usage I fully expect to go faster on this keyboard as my hands and eyes get used to it.

I like a nice bright screen and absolutely no complaints in this department. I'm at 50% brightness and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

With the keyboard in portrait mode, I can put the device on the table and type with two fingers instead of my thumbs. Here again, it will take a little getting used to, but I can type pretty fast. Obviously not as fast as typing on my laptop, but pretty good that I feel productive instead of frustrated.

The overall build quality is very nice and solid and feels good. I haven't tried too many apps yet, but the selection in the App Store looks enticing and I'll be trying a lot of them. I did try Pages, which I also use on my Mac and the experience is pretty good - spartan but functional. And the iCloud integration between the Mac and the iPad versions is as seamless as advertised so I can start writing something on the iPad and pick it up on the Mac without missing a beat.

Perhaps surprisingly, I've had a few crashes. Mail, Safari, and the App Store all froze me out at least once and I had to restart them. This is probably ios7 acting up and I'm hoping the updates will fix this in coming days.

I've just had it for a few days so I'll probably have more to say as I put it through its paces.

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