Sunday, March 02, 2014

Planet Hopping

Curiosity is inherent to human nature. We love exploring: mountains, oceans, and of course planets. We just seem to have this urge to keep going farther and farther.

Where does this come from ? this desire to wander farther ?

Perhaps it has its roots in the times when moving from place to place was the only way to keep oneself fed. Before roads, before farming, before we learned to control our environment, humans had to keep moving. As the food became consumed and scarce in one place there was no choice but to go to the next pasture, the next river, the next hunting ground.

Perhaps the urge to wander comes form this centuries old necessity. Maybe we still fear subconsciously that we will run out: of space, of food, of energy. So we keep moving on, looking for new places to survive - just in case.

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