Wednesday, April 30, 2014

45 Lessons at 45

don't think I'm all that much wiser, but at 45 the urge to appear wiser certainly grows. In that spirit, here's 45 things I've learned so far. Of course learning a truth is one thing, always living by it is something else again, but I try to remember these as much as I can.
  1. Take a break, you're probably more tired than you think.
  2. Learning will never stop. Don't be surprised or feel bad that you still have so much to learn.
  3. Listen. Just listen. Stop talking and listen.
  4. An episode of Seinfeld is guaranteed to lift your mood.
  5. Whatever the catastrophe, it's never as bad as it seems in the first 10 minutes.
  6. Context is everything.
  7. Most of the things you are worrying about will not happen.
  8. Ask for help. Going it alone is almost always a bad idea. 
  9. Even if you ignore it, ask for advice - talking them over will solve half your problems.
  10. Recessions come and go, life goes on. Get used to it.
  11. Listen to new music. Oldies are great but there's always wonderful new stuff. Stay current. Ask your kids to fill your playlist. It opens the mind.
  12. Rest.
  13. Work is called work for a reason. Don't expect to be inspired and 'fulfilled' every day. Just get the job done, that's what you are paid for.
  14. Buy the book. Even if you might never finish it, you might start it. And you will still know more than you did before starting it.
  15. Forgive yourself, you're doing the best that you can.
  16. Nothing lasts for ever. Good times will not last, but that's no reason not to enjoy them. Neither will bad times, and that's a good reason to bear them.
  17. Be nice. Sometimes it is more important than being right. Actually, it’s almost always more important.
  18. Money cannot make you happy but lack of money can be a real pain in the neck.
  19. Slow down, you have a long way to go, so enjoy the view.
  20. Smile. Often.
  21. Technology is making entirely new things possible every day. Don't miss out. 
  22. Adapt. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Indeed they must.
  23. You can't make everybody happy, sometimes you can't even make anyone happy. So don't worry too much about this, you can only try.
  24. Think. Every now and then turn off the internet and the media and the noise, and just think. Thinking is hard work, which is why most people don't do it.
  25. Don't accept dogma, but know that your views are just as likely to be hogwash as the next person.
  26. 45 feels a lot younger than I thought it would. I suspect 60 will feel the same. I hope so.
  27. Cooperate with the inevitable. There's always another day.
  28. Don't be afraid. Of anything. But be sensible. Learn the difference between lack of fear and lack of foresight.
  29. Never read emails in bed.  And never, ever, ever, reply to emails in bed.
  30. Savour spring. You only have about a few dozen springs to go.
  31. Walk away. Sometimes it is the best thing to do
  32. You can't win arguments with 2-year olds. Neither with 17 year-olds for that matter.
  33. What goes up, generally comes down. The only question is when. So don't be surprised when someone moves your cheese.
  34. Advice is easier to give then to act on
  35. The longer things haven’t changed, the closer they are are to changing - though it appears to be the other way.
  36. It's not all about you. 
  37. You might ‘fall’ in love quickly - but to ‘be’ in love takes time. The two are very different and you will eventually learn the difference.
  38. Learn to code. The world will be run by software eventually. Those who understand this will be less bewildered.
  39. Don't waste energy on people who cut into your lane, or people who argue for no reason, or any type of bigots. The best you can do for them and for yourself is to leave them alone.
  40. People seeking your advice are mostly looking for validation. You do the same.
  41. It doesn't have to be perfect.
  42. Starting things is easy. The key ability is to finish
  43. Writers write, coders code, singers sing, painters paint. If you have a passion it will find you, just stop getting in your own way
  44. Leave room for serendipity, too much planning is as bad as none at all.
  45. Don't hold out for some magic future date. This is the time of your life so enjoy it. 

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