Sunday, October 18, 2015

Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Force Quit: If some apps are misbehaving or frozen you can shut them down from the Force Quit menu. 
    • Command-Option-Escape   
    • This is like Ctrl-Alt-Del for Mac

  • Spotlight: Just start typing to find anything (file, App) as soon as it appears
    • Command-Space

  • Cycle thru all open apps
    • Command-Tab
    • And you can press Command-Q to Quit an open app while you cycle thru them with Command-Tab

  • Quit an App
    • Command-Q

  • Screen Capture
    • Command-Shift-4
    • Then select an area to capture it

  • Undo-Redo
    • Command-Z
    • Command-Shift-Z

  • Hide all other Windows so only current app remains all screen and others are minimized
    • Command-Option-H

  • Toggle Full Screen
    • Command-F

  • Close current window
    • Command-W

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